Call for Abstract

1. Please download an abstract template and make sure your format is correct.

     ISBUT2019 Abstract template.doc

2. Abstracts must be submitted online and only the word format is avaible to upload.

3. Abstract will be as posters and the Organizing Committee will select some abstracts as oral presentation.

4. For registration, abstract submission and payment, please click the website below 


(PS: ISBUT 2019 has entrusted Zhejiang Baipeng Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. to act on behalf of the organizing committee for all the arrangements of the 2nd ISBUT including the collection of fees related to registration and all other conference related activities. )

The steps of registration and abstract submission online:


If you can't register successful online, we also accept registration and abstract submission by email. Please submit your registration form and abstract to isbutech@zju.edu.cn.

    ISBUT2019 registration form.docx


The lively display of poster boards is noramlly 2.95 feet wide * 3.94 feet tall (90 cm * 120 cm). Please make sure your poster is slightly smaller than the boards so that it fits in the space.


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